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U.S. destroyer collides with merchant ship near Strait of Malacca
The U.S. military said on Sunday that a U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer collided with a merchant ship near Singapore early Monday local time, with initial reports saying the ship's port side aft su ...
2017-8-21 05:12
China to speed up bullet trains on Beijing-Shanghai route in Sept.
A photo shows a "Fuxing" train before beginning a test run. (Photo/Xinhua) China's new generation bullet train, the Fuxing, will run on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway from September 21 at ...
2017-8-21 05:12
New Kuomintang chairman reaffirms 1992 Consensus
New Kuomintang Chairman Wu Den-yih gives his inauguration speech in front of the photo of Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the Kuomintang, and Sun's will, on Sunday in Taichung, Taiwan, where the p ...
2017-8-21 05:12
Artificial Intelligence beats doctors at diagnosing certain diseases
After listening to the patient's symptoms, "he" provides checklists for the patient and medical advice based on the results. Then the therapy will be verified by human doctors. A China-made AI (Artif ...
2017-8-20 05:12
China issues commemorative stamps for BRICS Summit
A staff member shows stamps issued by China Post commemorating the BRICS Summit in Xiamen, southeast China's Fujian Province, Aug. 19, 2017. China Post issued a stamp on Saturday to commemorate the BR ...
2017-8-20 05:12
Guideline tightens control of outbound direct investments
The Chinese government released a guideline on Friday to further tighten the grip on or ban outbound direct investments in sectors including real estate, hotels, entertainment, sports and casinos to a ...
2017-8-19 05:06
China accelerates planning of Xiongan New Area
Photo taken on April 24, 2017 shows the scenery of the county seat of Rongcheng, north China's Hebei Province. China announced the plan for Xiongan New Area, an economic zone about 100 kilometers sout ...
2017-8-19 05:06
Ministry has stern warning for U.S., Japan
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying (Photo source: fmprc.gov.cn) The United States and Japan should act with caution regarding the South China Sea issue, a Foreign Ministry spokeswo ...
2017-8-19 05:06
Russia says its military drills with India not against China
The Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday that the upcoming Russia-India military drills do not target China and expressed confidence that China and India can resolve their border tensions. "Russia ...
2017-8-18 05:06
'Golden decade' envisioned for BRICS nations
It is important for BRICS countries to exchange governance experiences as the bloc, consisting of emerging and developing nations, strives to usher in its second "golden decade", a senior publicity of ...
2017-8-18 05:06
Xi extends condolences over terror attacks in Barcelona
Police cordon off a nearby street following a terrorist attack in central Barcelona, Spain, on Aug. 18, 2017. Thirteen people were confirmed dead and more than 100 others injured, with some of them in ...
2017-8-18 05:06
Foreign businesses to face fewer roadblocks in China
Government will help foreign firms gain access to world's 2nd-largest economy China will further lower market access thresholds in areas like the banking and securities industry and expand the early ...
2017-8-17 05:09
Tensions ease on peninsula, ministry says
Senior diplomats have embarked on a new round of talks to tackle the simmering tensions on the Korean Peninsula, with frequent phone conversations taking place in the past 48 hours to exchange views a ...
2017-8-17 05:09
Panda-shaped solar plant begins operations in N China
The project will reduce CO2 emissions by nearly three million tons and cutting other emissions by 500,000 tons over the course of 25 years. Photo/CGTN The world's first panda-shaped solar station ...
2017-8-17 05:09
China insists on peaceful solution to nuclear issue on Korean Peninsula: FM
China insists on settling the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula peacefully and hopes Germany will play an active role to this end, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday. In a phone conversatio ...
2017-8-16 05:09
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